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PluggedIn produces monthly roundtables in a variety of sectors which brings together thought leaders, innovators, startups, brands, and agencies. Our curated group of founders, CEO’s, and industry executives discuss, debate, and delve into critical topics to see what the future holds for them.

AdTech | Crypto | Canna Tech | Fin Tech | MarTech | Blockchain | & more


The purpose of the roundtables is to discuss trends within the industry along with challenges and hurdles they continually face.
Roundtable participants are specifically targeted from PluggedIn’s extensive network of executives. Typical attendance includes C-level executives., entrepreneurs, and industry executives.
Since 2009, PluggedIn has produced over 150 roundtables, over 700 Founders and 1200 Industry Executives have participated in our roundtables.


Industry Insights

The Industry Insights roundtables are for companies aiming to gather unique market information and insight from peers for new product launches or ongoing initiatives. The company selects the topic and we work with you to craft a description that attracts the best participants. PluggedIn produces all aspects of the roundtable, from securing participants, a moderator, and the proper venue.

Industry Insights roundtables enable your potential customers to have a dynamic and open discussion in an environment that generates valuable new business leads.


Thought Leadership

A curated panel of experts is convened to discuss and educate industry executives, employees, and more. This roundtable is a real-time conversation among market movers to learn about the trends and challenges in the industry.

Satellite Roundtable

PluggedIn can create an exclusive roundtable adjacent to any conference or summit, comprised of companies and executives attending. Sponsor companies can use the roundtable to further showcase their products and services, and, best of all, they can invite partners, clients, and prospective customers to the most effective networking event at the conference or summit.


All Roundtables are limited to 10-12 participants and 60 attendees. This keeps the setting intimate and offers optimal networking opportunities.

All roundtables include: Executive recruitment, Venue, Live Video Feed, Video Interviews, Article Recap, Social Media promotion. Light breakfast and coffee served.


A career in sales is a dynamic, challenging and rewarding all at the same time. The pressure is continuous as you are always aiming to hit your numbers. At PluggedIn we realize that and understand the best way to help you succeed is through continuous training, practice makes you better.

Which is why our goal is to help you get the most out of sales.

Topics Covered

Outbound Sales Training Workshops (Skills Development)

Inbound Sales Training Workshops (Skills Development)

Sales Leadership Workshops

Communicating via email, email templates, responding to leads/customers

CRM Training Workshops

Marketing support for managing campaigns on HubSpot / Salesforce.

Onboarding new clients to HubSpot / Salesforce

Managing & Optimizing your CRM

INBOUND SALES: Bring the customers or leads to you.


lead (1)


Sourcing new, early-stage leads to begin a sales process with.
Building lead list

research (2)


Learning more about a prospect and their company as they progress through the sales process can help sales reps offer a more tailored experience, and improve the likelihood a deal will close.

view (2)


Late-stage activities-i.e. delivering a quote or proposal, negotiation, achieving the buy-in of decision makers, and other actions.
Listening Skills
Objection Handling




Sales Workshops

Half a day workshop covering outbound or inbound sales to learn and improve practical skills that will allow you to increase your funnel and close rate.


General Sales Training

Full Day or broken into 2 half days - In this workshop, we cover the basic overview of Sales Training and how the different phases of Inbound & Outbound Sales and work to help you set up and execute pitches and best practices for 1-3 employees. Additional employees are extra


In Depth Sales Training

CUSTOMIZED - 12 classes (Generally 1 day a week over 3 months for 4 hours a day). Over 12 classes we go in-depth into the sales process from Inbound & Outbound and tackle each process by itself and work to create or optimize current systems from all the above along with Follow up approaches, managing Trade shows, creating and managing online demo, nurturing the team, sales call simulations.

leadership (2)

Sales Leadership Workshop

CUSTOMIZED - In this workshop, we focus on the Sales team and their processes and needs and how Marketing can better support them.
Sales Forecasting
Recruitment- team building
Sales Communication w/ various departments in the company
Channel Sales
Conducting 1-1 meeting


  • “If you are looking for well-informed professionals discussing the most important topics in our industry, PluggedIn roundtables is the place to be. Eli has a knack for bringing interesting individuals together to form a very dynamic, and unique, discussion group.”

    Anthony Risicato
    Global Channel Development /LinkedIn Marketing Solution
  • I really enjoyed the roundtable. PluggedIn has put together a fantastic group of participants who are very knowledgeable and reputable as they are open to new ideas and approaches. The discussion was very professional, well moderated and both the roundtable members and audience were picked appropriately to foster a live and thought-provoking discussion.

    Ed Zabar
    CEO / Verif-y
  • I find these sessions invaluable in their exchange of ideas, experiences and thought-provoking discussions among the leading advertising, media and digital professionals.

    Carl Fremont
    Chief Digital Officer/WaveMaker Global
  • PluggedIn Roundtables are a valuable way to share industry insights among peers. The format is intimate and an ideal setting to learn from others and dive into topics in a deeper fashion. It's rare that you have an opportunity tohave such honest and open dialogues and get exposed to new technologies and solutions that you may not have otherwise heard of.

    Mark Coleman
    CRO / industryindex
  • Being a part of the roundtable was fantastic. It was the perfect environment to trade ideas and get into discussions with experts who came from different backgrounds - I loved contributing to the conversation, but I appreciated the opportunity to listen just as much

    Chirs Cunningham
    President / Unicast

Video Portfolio

Publisher Distress 2: Angelina Eng (VP, Media Platforms & Operations, Merckle, Inc) & James Patterson (VP, Global Operations, The Trade Desk)

Content Monetization: Gavin Dunaway & Adam Pines (Executive Director, Branded Content, The Foundry @ Time Inc.)

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