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June 15, 2002
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December 22, 2009

Twitter: In with the New & out with the Old.

Twitter just made a huge jump to reach all the masses with their new home page

It seems that every publication whether print or online seems to be talking about Twitter, and rightfully so. The latest numbers indicate that Twitter is getting roughly $50 million a month in media coverage which is nothing short of astronomical (it  equates to $600 million for the year).  What’s even more mind boggling is that Twitter’s founders have yet to make a dime off their innovation and they’re still working on a revenue model.

Don’t get me wrong, I am an avid tweeter (@fndrsroundtable) and understand the value of Twitter for the individual, small business, large corporation, organizations and pretty much anyone who want to leverage themselves or their business.  However, according to the latest reports 69% of adults have no clue what Twitter is or what a tweet looks like. That is a pretty high percentage but I will look at that as the growth potential Twitter has as the 31% of adults who are aware of Twitter are doing a bang up job on publicizing it virally .

To that end I do want to point out that Twitter just made a huge jump to reach all the masses with their new home page which brings the value of Twitter front and center,  that is “Trending Topics” which highlight what’s currently happening in the Twitterverse (Twitter Universe) – hence what I attribute most of the free media coverage to.

Twitter has allowed people anywhere in the world to share stories, news, and excitement with their friends and anyone else who cares to listen. From the Iran elecetion, US Airways crash on the HudsonMichael Jacksons death and many more, the list keeps going. It brings the power of information to anyone who wants it, giving users the ability to discover and relate breaking news which now can be seen by anyone on the Twitter homepage. Until now the trending topics was only visible to those who have twitter accounts, now it can be seen by anyone and hopefully everyone who has yet to see the value in Twitter will start seeing what all the hoopla is about and see the value in it.

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