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March 23, 2010
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March 24, 2011

PluggedIn “Digital Content” Roundtable – Commentary

May 20, 2010
Comments by Guillermo Kopp / @GuillermoKopp
Chairman, GUAU Corporation


1. Shifting Consumer Habits: Video, social media, and text content will add value synergistically to meet budding customer needs. Digital magazines on portable tablets will open creative innovation avenues.

 Comment: We find that multitasking viewers will rather glance at several screen areas than read. Video will be a key means to capture the viewers’ attention and prompt them to buy. Wise advertising will mix video with text ads, and give consumers better control. Effective filters should avoid overload.

2. In Contempt of Content: Smart ads double up as useful content and customers love it. People are curious and want to stumble into novelties. Consumers will know when ads are disruptive to them.

Comment: We welcome short video clips (less than 30”) with relevant infomercials from credible sponsors. Fairness and integrity of the brand, fun, independence of opinion, and transparency in the advertised facts will establish credibility at par with the deeper content of specialized articles.

3. Demographics: Facebook fans endorse or subscribe to innovative concepts and features. Small social ecosystems interwoven across common behaviors and interests will lead to more granular segmentation.

 Comment: We look forward to strong growth in emerging segments. Growth should overcome the marketing inertia of big firms that stick with the purchasing power of established audiences. Advertisers must tap the exploding number of Twitter and other social media interactions with a localized focus.

4. Personalized Interaction Experience: Purposeful integration of current facts, opinions, music, video, text messages, animation and live interaction mechanics will be instrumental in engaging customers.

 Comment: Consumers will spend significant time interacting with a growing number and smarter mobile devices that they carry everywhere. We envision a day-to-day, multimedia transactional business model that builds on the awareness of the customer location and acts upon personal triggers.

5. End-to-End Marketing: Agencies must orchestrate a creative suite of ads, content, incentives, and promotions across channels, track the online experience, and credit its influence on purchasing decisions.

 Comment: We believe that newly designed interactive content should work appropriately and purposefully across multiple customer touchpoints. Integrated metrics across print, TV, online, and mobile content must attribute purchases that occur later in a physical store or third-party site.

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