May 31st Roundtable: “Beyond the CPM”
May 11, 2012
Second Screens & SocialTV Roundtable: December 18th
November 29, 2012

Social Loyalty & Rewards Roundtable

PluggedIn July’s roundtable will be discussing Social Rewards and Loyalty:  Is this really CRM?

A lot has been asked lately about the ROI of social media.  More specifically, “What’s the reward for being a loyal customer?”  Or perhaps “What’s the reward for great customer service?”  Today, many companies simply didn’t know what to do with the customer information they collect through social media, nor do they succeed at maximizing the value they can deliver to their best customers.  This month’s CEO roundtable will focus on the how organizations can intertwine social data, discussions, incentives, rewards and more to improve the returns for their business.

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