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July 11, 2012
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April 18, 2013

Second Screens & SocialTV Roundtable: December 18th

PluggedIn’s December 18th roundtable will be focusing on Second Screens & Social TV.

The oft overlooked secondary effect of mass smart phone and tablet adoption has been the presence and impact of additional screens upon media consumption. TV viewers are now more engaged, with studies showing upwards of 75% of TV viewers using other devices while watching.  What are they doing? What is the norm? And what can marketers now do to create greater engagement with and among the new age viewership? This month’s roundtable will bring together founders, CEO’s and other digital executives to determine just a few of the answers.

Participants Include:

Trendrr: Mark Ghuneim, CEO
TwoScreen: Bruce Winterton, CEO & Partner
SecondScreen Networks: David Markowitz, VP Marketing & Business Development
Nielsen IAG: Jim Berridge, VP Account Management
Bluefin Labs: Oliver Young, Head of Product
Tivo:Mark Risis,Director Interactive Ad Sales & Strategy
Ogilvy & Mather: Tom Boland, SVP Social@Ogilvy

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