Second Screens & SocialTV Roundtable: December 18th
November 29, 2012
Commerce & Conversion Roundtable
May 8, 2013

Social & Display Advertising Roundtable

April’s roundtable will be discussing “The convergence of social and display advertising”.

Has social media monetization finally reached a tipping point? With Facebook opening its ad exchange to Twitter’s new ad program, we’ve seen what may be the beginning of a new age in “social vs. display” ad wars. Or will it be that the new media mix is an amalgam of superior retargeting, big budgets, third party cookies, brand lift and ROI? This round table will bring together founders, strategists and media buyers to explore what social has become, where display ads are going and how the two will live together — or not.

Current participants include:
ShareThis: Paul Lentz, SVP Publisher Platform
Contextin: Yarden Tadmor, CRO
SocialVibe: Brett Lofgren, CRO
Cognitive Match: Alex Kelleher, Founder & CEO
Vector Media Group: Matthew Weinberg
e-Dealya: Chaim Zucker, Founder & CEO
CPX Interactive: Jon Slavin, CRO

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