Brands & Mobile Roundtable
June 19, 2013
Email “State & Effectiveness” Roundtable
July 8, 2013

Brands & Mobile Roundtable Recap

On Thursday, June 27th leaders in the mobile industry got together to discuss Brands & Mobile.

Participants included;  Appssavvy: Peter Wang, SVP Product & Engineering / playAPI: Julie Fredrickson, CEO & Co-Founder / Exponential: Ken Nelson, VP Business Development / Splash: Benjamin Hindman, CEO / Fresh Digital Group: Doug Robinson, CEO / my6sense: Mark Coleman, SVP Sales / Joule: Mark Silber, Executive Creative Director / Funny Garbage: Kristin Ellington, COO / ResponsiveAds: Matt Snyder, CEO.

Here is a quick recap on the wild & woolly conversation:

  1. big disconnect between buyers and sellers in mobile
  2. mobile targeting is far more “targeted” than desktop
  3. hard to validate mobile as a separate channel from desktop
  4. mobile out performs desktop (with the same ads)
  5. where how and when shouldn’t be mobile first or desktop first (its demographic pendant)
  6. we don’t know what mobile is supposed to be or look like
  7. media buyers should know the mobile space
  8. kids respond to video clips and gaming (cartoon network) brand can create their own branded apps and games for kids
  9. we have to figure out how to do mobile ads (we figures out radio then tv then online…)
  10. Ideally, there should be 1 form of measurement across all platform and channels for ratings
  11. most media is accessed from multiple screens
  12. mobile opens up a whole new world feature wise (location, etc) vs tv and online
  13. no one has solved how to tell a story effectively on mobile
  14. mobile is become the device being used between context (must be used to continue engaging people)
  15. only micro transactions are happening on mobile…final conversion happens in store or on desktop
  16. mobile is the connection (or glue) between devices and more
  17. you should never say its just a mobile story
  18. mobile is a tool for utility, entertainment, social, etc… no other device in the past has been able to do that
  19. we will not change the users behavior…we can only figure out what it is

Click here to listen to the roundtable in its entirety.

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