Brands & Mobile Roundtable Recap
July 1, 2013
Video Consumption Roundtable: “Breaking down the video ecosystem”
August 6, 2013

Email “State & Effectiveness” Roundtable

July’s roundtable will discuss the state and effectiveness of email. We will bring together founders, CEO’s, and executives to provide insights into how companies measure the full value of email, how that understanding has driven their focus and development, and tactics they are using to stay relevant and keep users engaged. Learn analytical methods, personalization strategies, and cross channel communication tactics that can help drive increased engagement from your audience. This is a roundtable you will not want to miss as we dig deep into the depths of email. Participants so

far include: 410Labs: David Troy, CEO LiveIntent: Dave Hendricks, COO & CFO Colin Nederkoorn, CEO & Founder TriggerMedia: Vanessa Liu, COO Yesware: Matthew Bellows,Founder and CEO PowerInbox: Dileep Thazhmon,co-founder Movable Ink: Vivek Sharma, CEO Swizzle: MaryAnn Bekkedahl,Co-founder & President IvyExec: Sandia Lau Trent,Marketing Director Vente-Privee USA: Chris Mahdik, Director, Marketing If you would like to listen to the roundtable you can download the recording.

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