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August 6, 2013
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December 30, 2014

Loyalty & Rewards Roundtable

September’s roundtable will discuss how businesses and consumers alike are realizing the value of loyalty in the digital age. In mobile, web, and social loyalty platforms have been created to build the relationship between consumer and business. 

As the power of the customer rises, businesses are increasingly focused on developing strategies with not only retail in their customers, but keep them loyal to brands, services and companies.

Hear from founders, CEO’s, & executives on methods into creating loyalty, engagement, retention, and upselling customers to increase profit, customer base, & ROI.

Partcipants Include;

LoyalBlocks: Ido Gaver, CEO
CrowdTwist: Irving Fain, CEO & Co-Founder
AppCard: Eran Harel, VP BD
Tattle: Alex Beltrani, Founder & CEO
Contigua: Arash Houshmand, CEO
American Express: Christopher Mahdik, VP Customer Lifecycle Marketing
FreshDirect: Chris Woodard, Senior Director of Retention & Loyalty
JetBlue: Kelly Roe, Director Loyalty Marketing & Partnerships


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