Eli Mandelbaum, Founder

For over twelve years now Eli has been working in the digital media space helping early stage startups grow and succeed. In 2009, Eli started producing roundtables in Digital Media for founders, CEO’s, and industry executives. Since then over 500 startups have participated in the roundtables and over 2000 people have attended PluggedIn events.

Prior to consulting and PluggedIn, Eli started YellowBrck, a Foursquare for parents in 2010. Eli was also a Director of Business Development at Thumbplay and Oberon Media. During his time at both companies, he focused on building partnerships with medium to large publishers.

Eli’s first startup was in 1999 where he founded Mabool.com, which was designed to target unsuccessful bidders of online auctions and find them a relevant product.